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Video Editing/Gaming/HTPC All-in-1: Input Welcomed!

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New Member
Nov 6, 2015
Hi folks,

Our family is in the middle of an ambitious home remodel. We're building a new addition to our existing structure comprised of first and second stories. In the bottom floor, we'll be putting our 70" Sharp TV in the new "Family Room". On the upper floor, or "Office/Den", I'm going to be starting a home-based business which include podcasting, video editing and web development tasks.

I'd like to build a single computer fast enough to hand all the work tasks mentioned above, but also have it act as a media server/home theater control for the television downstairs.

1st Floor



Directly above the Family Room we are going to build a 2nd story Office (labeled Den on the plans)(see picture of floor plan and architectural model).

2nd Floor




  • Make the new PC Build as quiet as possible (liquid cooling, passive heatsink cases, etc.)
  • Connect new PC to Synology Diskstation or similar RAID backup via my router
  • Ensure the PC has enough horsepower to support watching TV downstairs while working on the desktop upstairs
  • Have 4K output support on the PC to support a (future) 4K television, even though the current 70" is 1080p.
  • For desktop usage in the office area, I'd like the new computer to support tri monitor setup or perhaps one really huge monitor (for more efficient video editing, web development, playing PC games on high-res)

Here are some existing components I have on hand that can be included in the build. For cost savings reasons, I'd prefer to use them, but if recommended, they can be substituted with new parts.

Existing Parts:
  • Corsair HX620W http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139002 Works just fine, will it be enough power for the rig I'm about to build?
  • MSI 640mb version of Nvidia's 8800GTS Series (while not cutting edge now, could this be used as an additional video card for multiple monitor setup, or get an adapter to convert it to HDMI output down to the television? This card currently has two DVI outputs and one S-Video output)
  • Blue Yeti Microphone (for podcasting, includes pop screen) http://amzn.to/1l6HjcW
  • Black Magic Design h264 recorder for converting my old DVD's and VHS to digital video files http://amzn.to/1Mx18Qq

Game plan...

My budget doesn't have a fixed amount in mind, as this is for a business project primarily, but if I can include it as part of my home theater/PC gaming rig ambitions, why not kill multiple birds with one stone, right?

I have several external devices that all support Windows 7,8 and 10. I do not have a license to any of these OS sitting around, so I'll have to purchase one. It seems that 10 would be the most future-proof, but I'm open to hearing out anyone who wants to play devil's advocate on 7 or 8.

I'd also like to add a television in the second story (tv not shown in the pictures above) that could also connect to the new PC. Given that there will be up to two 4K tv's (in the future) and also up to 3 monitors for the desktop upstairs (or one really huge one), would you recommend using any type of HDMI switcher in addition to a multiple output port video card(s)?

Here's a total list of upstairs and downstairs tech:


  • 70" Sharp 1080p TV (already purchased)
  • Samsung BluRay Player (already purchased)
  • Google Chromecast (original edition) (already purchased)
  • Samsung VHS/DVD Combo Player (already purchased)
  • Some type of wireless media remote control and/or keyboard for navigating the upstairs PC displaying its output to the downstairs television (perhaps also an Bluetooth/WiFi/IR extender given that there won't be line-of-sight from the upstairs PC to the downstairs TV?) (needs to be purchased)


  • New PC Build Being Discussed in this thread (needs to be purchased)
  • One really large monitor or 3 monitors setup as multi-monitor for the new computer (needs to be purchased)
  • New 4k Television (to be connected to the new PC for video playback) (needs to be purchased)
  • NAS System like Synology Disk Station or something similar (needs to be purchased)

Given that I have a fairly large shopping list, what products would you folks recommend I start shopping around for to fulfill the needs listed above? I've built several PC rigs before, so I'm comfortably making my own from scratch, but it has been a while since I've kept up on the latest hardware, so your opinions are very much welcomed! Thank you in advance! :D

Given everything I've read about future proofing, it seems that I'll be wanting a 6700k CPU as a good balance between cost/performance. Of course, it will need a newer mobo to match it. I've been looking at Gigabyte's Gamer series. Any thoughts on those boards from actual owners?
why not do something like a firetv on the tv and just stream from the NAS, the new ones support 4k media and you can side load kodi (xbmc) or use plex if you are into that kind of thing.

That was the response I received in several other forums. It seems that it may not be worth over-complicating matters regarding using the downstairs television directly off the NAS and not through this new rig. Any other suggestions as to the actual hardware build of the PC? Thank you!