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Video locks up playing Quake2...Help!!!

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New Member
Jun 5, 2001
I got an Abit KT7 and AMD 1Ghz combo with 256mb ram pc133 and GeF2 GTS Pro 64mb video card and Windows2000 installed. When I play Quake2, the video will sometime lock up and all I can hear is repeat sound of the game before it locks up and I can't get out of it unless I turn off the power and boot back up.I loaded D3 and VIA 4-in-1 drivers but it didn't fix the problem. Is there a patch for this problem or is there an issue with the software/hareware combo that I'm not aware of?
i agree with da whip. it sounds like a heat problem to me. the same thing happens every time i push a video card too much by oc'ing it too high. make sure your video card fan is attached and working. make sure you have reasonable airflow in your case. good luck.

Thanks guys...I've check my video fan and it still works. I also got two case fans going. One attached to the front bezel and one in the back and my case is a full tower so it got plenty of room for air flow. With the two fan, its pretty loud. My cpu is not overclocked well maybe a tad bit 1000@1088 not much. I got a fren who has similar setup and has same problem...Abit mobo w/AMD Ath and Nvidia 32mb. We both play Quake2 OSP tourney (Rail Only). I run W2K and he runs win98. So we both are stump.:(. BTW I did check out your link DaWhip and I have the lastest patch and the FAQ only had info about the game itself but not the freezup but thanks for trying.