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SOLVED Video/Monitor cooling made simple

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I saw the complicated fan shroud tip on the O/C.com home page and I have to say that complicated shroud idea had me laughing.. http://www.overclockers.com/tips513/

A: Take a 120 or 92 mill fan with a fan guard and simply buy a AC to DC adapter that has 2,4,6,8,10,12 volt increments sold at EVERY Walmart or Target. Take the fan throw four pieces of Velcro and affix it to the monitor. End of story and it works Awesome. I have a thermal probe on my monitor and the max temp went from 120ish (farenheit) to 82* and ambient is 72*. I have 3 cats in my house and one of them even prefers to sleep on my NEC 21" monitor and theres no chance of kitty's foot or claws getting into my monitor Fan. If you want to refine the process use a Nidec or Enermax thermally controlled fan.

Life doesnt need to be so complicated nor does Monitor cooling. Just make sure your fan blows air out not in as you dont need to blow air in just out as dust issues will present themselves if you reverse the process. Also plug the Ac/Dc adapter in a surge protector and have the surge protector in a convienent location so you dont have to bend down to turn the thing on and off, Velcro the surge protector in a convienent location if you prefer.
I'll make it even more simple. I have been running a 120mm Panflow L1A on top of my monitor. No velcro or anything else. It just sits there nice and cool.

Colin, Thats basicly what I was trying to explain, thanks for the pic but I recommend using a fan guard if you have four legged critters living with yah. Also the velcro is cheap and keeps it in place. My Monitor used to be warm to the touch now i cant even tell its producing any heat and probably will prolong its life, after all the monitor is one of the most expensive pieces of your system and one doesnt upgrade it as often as other components, hense the fan mod is worth the trouble IMHO.
No critters in the house! That's what the barn is for.

My thought was to use clear bubble stick on feet from the Shack. Just stick em on the four corners of the fan and let gravity do the work. They are not needed with my monitors, just a bare fan.
Colin or Super, I have a question for you fellas. How does one get one of those fancy Blue or yellow stars next to thier name? What do I have to do? I recently gave a fellow Overclocker my PIII 800 mhz that hits 1 gig ez for peanuts, actually I saw his request wanting one in the Overclockers.com classified section and i wanted someone that is an overclocker to get my last shweet cpu, also I think my last idea using Arctic Silver adhesive with Arctic silver paste to attach larger coolers deserves a half a star at least.