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Video watercooling !?!?!

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Dec 19, 2000
Michigan, USA
I am looking into getting a water-cooling kit and was wondering about if I should water cool my video card as well ???
Any input ??
Ok, how ???
Right now, everything is fan-cooled and noisy as hell...
I have a large heatsink on my video card and a fan, plus an 80mm fan blowing in on the side of my case at the AGP slot.

I just want to get the best performance.
What is your opinion on chipset cooling ??
What ever you do don't bother with the blue orb. I just lost another chip to the hands of the thermaltake gremlins. My beloved GeForce2 is dead.

I think an aircooled peltier would really be the bomb though. I was considering the same thing for my next vid card. And he's right, watercooling is overkill for a video card.
I am implementing video card watercooling in my system.


Noise. I tend to reduce the airflow in my system down to a single 120mm fan (Panaflo H1A dialed down with rheostat). I will have the video card, motherboard, and cpu water cooled. RAM will have RAM sinks to improve heat dissipation.

Its not complicated to watercool your vid card. Just order a waterblock and use some common sense attaching it. Very similar to attaching a block to your processor. I ordered my blocks from BeCooling. If you have specific questions.. fire away.