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Vidio cards for BX?

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Mar 16, 2001
Ottawa, Ont. Canada
As you can see by my sig. I have a voodoo3 3000. and a BX or 2X AGP board. If I wanted to upgrade the video card (only) where would I stop.
I can imagine that a GeForce3 would be a waste, since I would not have the
resources to use it to the full extent. So my question is, Do I restrict my self
to an AGP X 2? or would I notice a difference with a GTS? Or stick with the

I realize that it is a personal preference but what card would make the most
use out of this BX board.

I do some gaming, Half Life, UT, Flight sim. NFS. ect. I also use my DVD
player. The only thing stopping me from the Voodoo5 5500 is that there
is no video out. I like it for DVD.

You can get 4x on AGP if your motherboard AGP is version 2.00. Some older BX MB's like the ABIT BH6 are version 1.0 AGP and cannot support 4x.
The Geforce 2 cards all support 4x AGP, you just need to see if your Motherboard supports it.
The gf3 probably wouldnt run right at your agp bus as they seem to be more picky about high agp bus speeds than the gf2's.
So either go with a gf2 pro or radeon for now if you plan on upgrading your motherboard in the next 6 months if not then get a gf2 ultra.
All the gf cards including the gf3 and radeon will work fine on a bx board with agp 2x.
And yes any of these cards will spank a voodoo3.
I just wanted to thank you both for your input.
I guess if my board can use the other features other than the 4X
I'll try to save up my pennies for a GeForce GTS.
Or anything with DDR and video out.

Thanks again...............................................Brett............