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Vidpin wrappinng only raised default voltage slightly

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New Member
Apr 18, 2002
As the subject says I did the vidpin wrapping and it only raised the default on my tualatin 1.3 from a v-core of 1.5 to 1.6 and only allowed me to raise overall voltage to 1.7. I thought it was supposed to raise the vcore default to 1.675? Most I was able to get out of it and have it stable was a FSB of 125 @ 1625 mghz. Not bad I must say but I still want to get more out of it.

I know that cooling isn't a problem nor is the ram or any of the components. Temps at full load were 38C and idle was 29C ( I keep it very cold in my house) and I've have this board (Abit vh6-t) run over a FSB of 128 with my old Celeron 950 with all my current components in it. Any ideas on what I did wrong by any chance?

Currently though I've brought it back to the regular 1.3 ghz and run everything at stock speeds. I was sick and effing tired of how loud the thing was because of the cooling needed. So I ripped of the delta fan and did some jimmy rigging and hooked up 80 mm sunon fan to the heatsink. While it runs a bit warmer (maybe 2 or 3C) it's alot quieter. Although when I do overclock hopefully I'll have my watercooling solution all setup (I'm going to make the waterblock and everything myself). What kind of possible obtainable speeds could I possibly see with the watercooling when I do it? Thanks for all your help