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Viewsonic monitor troubles... exchanged

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New Member
Jul 9, 2003
Viewsonic monitor troubles

I bought a ViewSonic A90f+ from Best Buy, got it home and noticed a dead pixel near the center. I take it back and exchange it no problems. Set it up and all seemed well. Played some games without a glitch.

When I woke up this morning the screen was much larger than what I had set it at the night before . About in inch off screen in all directions (so the task bar was way off the bottom). I adjusted it and everything, but then I noticed it was shaking like crazy and the geometry wouldn't hold. It would bow in, then out, then go back to normal every minute or so. I had it set at [email protected], what ViewSonic recommends.

This goes on for about an hour, and then it seemed to fix itself. I'm guessing because it was able to warm up. All you ViewSonic owners... this isn't supposed to happen right? I'm not expected to have to adjust the geometry every time I start it up from being cold, am I? Also, when I hit the sides of the monitor the sides will bow in, then bow out.

It's the only thing on my desk currently... a pair of Altec Lansing satellite speakers about a foot a way from it. Sub is no where near it... over 3 feet away. Tower is about a foot and a half away, on the floor. Nothing on top, has enough ventilation space. It's plugged into a surge protector right now. Should I plug it directly into the wall socket?

Is there a proper way to install a new monitor? I uninstalled the old one in the device manager after I plugged this one in, then installed the monitor drivers. I just reinstalled my video card drivers this morning after I noticed these problems.

Is my monitor broken? I really don't want to have to haul this 48lbs monster back to Best Buy for yet another exchange. Or is it possible this could be a video card problem? I have the refresh rate fix.

Sorry for the long post. Thanks for any help you guys might have.