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Apr 26, 2001
What do i get with a higher VIO voltage?
when should i raise it?

You can raise it if your chipset or memory is holding you back from increasing the FSB, sometimes it helps get you higher. But be aware that the voltage going to the PCI cards is raised to. Sometimes doing this can also let you OC the memory on a vid card a little higher to(should add heatsinks). It will not affect the GPU voltage though.
It is best to limit VIO increases to +10% over spec. Any more than this and component life begins to suffer quite dramatically.


i have an intel pentium iii 800eb coopermine and pc133 memory, i can go up to 137MHz FSB till the 3d textures start showing some little light flashes on them. my bios and mobo have no option for AGP or PCI divisors, then im stuck at 137MHz FSB when my system memory could go up to 143MHz. Would that light flashes disappear if i raise the VIO voltage?

once theres no way to unlock the cpu multiplier and once i will never get the pci and AGP divisors modified, is there any alternative for me to go beyond the 822MHz/137FSB?

thanks again for the attention.

Intel pentium iii 800EB
VIA 694X / Apollo Pro 133A Chipset
asus CUV4X-E mb
Micro-Q PC133 128MB
asus V7100 Pure 32MB