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Viper 550

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May 19, 2001

I am upgrading to an Iwill KK266-R and a 1 G T-bird w/ 256 Mb Ram. I was thinking of staying with the Viper 550 for a while (until I pay off all of the other computer parts I am buying). I know it is an old card with only 16 Mb of memory. But will it be good enough to get by for a little while. The PII 266 is getting slow with games and that is one reason I decided to upgrade. Should I stick with the 550 and buy a better board later (hoping to save for a GF3) or buy a cheaper board (GF2 MX) and wait even longer for a GF3 (maybe when the GF4 comes out or at least the new ATI board to throw some competition out there). What do you think?

Thanks for you thoughts/advise. :)
Well that all depends :) If you don't use 3d much then your card should be fine, if you do, then the Viper will definately hold you back. I'd say get something decent now and save up for GeForce 3 later, by the time you have enough money for a GeForce 3, there might actually be a couple of games that actually take advantage of its speed :)

Thanks for the info. And thanks for answering my questions. I keep seeing your name when I ask questons and I appreciate that you take the time to answer me and help in my quest to get more computer knowledge. :)