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Virus woes -_-;;

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Jan 13, 2002
the back woods of new york
yup thats right. both my machines have been incompacitated by virus... damn network! I am currently writing this on my useless 700mhz compaq latop with 64Megs of ram EEEWWW. Now then i tried reformating my 1.33 athlon win98 machine but no go i still had viruses i tried nortn and yes i update i that same day it said i had Kriz some marco! thing and some fun... bs so 3 infections now if reformatting didnt work what can i do to completely erradicate these infections??? i also tried downloading the fix tools on the norton site for these inflictions. they would not work at all. please help. I had a problem with my old 500mhz dell... gone now but the tech support told me to do this debug thingy in DOS when i couldnt reinstall windows on it they said it got rid of EVERYTHING. i dunno i used to considder my self exceptionally good with computers prolly 2nd in my high school cept i live in the back woods of NY so that aint saying much. well i used to think that till some dinky virus took out 2 machines.

please help how can i deal with this without buying new hard drives and that will only work for my homemade athlon rig my dell would be screwed cuz these new gen dells only let u reinstal the OS on their hd's so i would have to buy another OS for it and honestly a 16 y/o doesnt have the kinda cash to do some work on his four wheeler and buy new hard drives and feed the multi billion dollar microsoft corp anothe $200+ its bad enough thier optical mice die ever 4 months!

please help if you do ill give u a cookie =)
once had a version of some JS virus squeek past my (I better not name the pill antivirus software) with all of everything set up to be scanned and quaranteen immediately. Once all was said and done (lucky it was merely a format) the software providers final comment was pretty much this. Although we test our software it certainly does not mean it is 100% foolproof.
I also update manually checking each day as well as the auto updates the program requires just in case but have since learned that nothing beats a second hard drive and a burner (the old zip was such a pain I just quit using it.
I might suggest this though for you.

Install NFG drive in secon machine which operates
Go to HD manufacturer and download hard disk utilities programs
Make whatever dos disks or whatever the instructions are to use the program
Try to recover the drive this way, I beleive that although I have never used these it is likely the best tool to access and repair those poor drives.
Good luck

additional ideas anyone??????
one of the problem when you have a virus is that chances of your anti virus being infected are high, why don't you try online scan of your hard drive it will be able to give you more accurate information (updated norton was not able to detect few (hunderd files) worms on my computer which were detected on the online scan :eek:

try these links

Norton Online Anti Virus

Trend Online Anti Virus

both are very good,

can you install windows on any of your system? if you can than you can install windows and than scan the harddrive with one of the online scanners and than take out the hard drive from the other system put it as slave and scan it

If you can't install windows than take your hard drives to a friends house and hook your harddrives to his pc and than try scanning
(updated norton was not able to detect few (hunderd files) worms on my computer which were detected on the online scan


I find it odd that your antivirus would be different than your providers online scan
antivirus.com uses the identicle antivirus patterns as the unit on your pc. Not by any means promoting anything here.
and why is it that nobody knows that a mobo comes with a free antivirus program on the cd???
I was able to find the worms using the Trend, oh i forgot to mention that, norton online was even not able to find the worms, so now apart from running a sweep on my sytem with norton i run both of the online scanners

and do i feel secure? hell no .. lost about 80gb of data thanks to viruses in past two months (one hard drive crashed, thrice had to do format) i think so i am better off being paranoid than being an idiot without any data
I'm trying to figure out why formatting didn't get rid of these...that is the big problem. If they are lodged into some kind of non-volitile memory, (bios, memory cards, extra hard drives) then that is the reason a format didn't kill them and no matter what you do they are going to keep coming back.

Oh, and while your reloading one, turn the other one off and disconnect the network cable...
ok thanks for the reply but i need a way to get rid of this junk! and the thing is when i scanned it i scanned it through the network on my other puter. that computer had no virii but mine did and showed up with 200+ infected fiels with a CLEAN install full refomat. now i have a zip drive but rarely use it and i dont kno what to do.... and what is the probability it would be in my bios and or my memory?and is there a way to get rid of them

thx... wow am i glad i dont use this laptop LOL! id be ****ed if i had 3 puters taken out cuz of my network heh
Just take the drive back to the oem low level, then the coppers can't find all that pipe bomb stuff you were reading about

lol what pipe bomb stuff!!?? o_O who said anything about bombs? oooo ment the pentagon blue prints sorry.. lol

common people this is serious is there anyway for me to deal with this? or am i screwed and i should just buy a couple of $300 emachines and call it quits?
ok let me get this strait. You disconnected all the network to the computers, and you disconnected all other hard drives from the computers and you did a fdisk and a format, and you still have the viruse after you installed the OS from a clean format with no other drives or network hooked up????? what this tells me is that you have something in your mem or bios, I would do a bios flash and thin maybe reset the CMOS? Ive heard of this happing but never had it happen to me.

Maybe I should start looking for some viruse protection finaly:eek:
Fdisk is what you need to do it sounds like. Perhaps the virus
is living in the boot sector or something.

You need to get a W9x startup floppy, with FDISK, SYS and format
ect. on it. After the disk is created, slide the write protect
tab on it.

Boot up the infected machines.
Use FDISK to delete every single active drive and partition on the
hard disk.

Then reboot and use FDISK again to create new partition(s) and
drive letter(s).

Then you should be good to reformat and install whatever OS you
And make sure, when you first load it that the only drive that you have installed is the main hard drive and one cdrom. Put your extra hard drives and zip drives in later. Like I said, anything can hold that virus.