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Jun 30, 2002
boulder, colorado
I just got an email from [email protected] microsoft.com (with the space).. I was wondering if you think this is a virus? why would microsoft send me mail, with no text but an attachment? i never write to them, so its not like they're responding. anyways, thanks, greg


Feb 12, 2001
So Cal.USA.
It's a worm ~~~~~~~~

So I take it you dont have a virus scaning you incoming e-mail, bad dog.

Detected Virus List
Time,Infected File Name,Virus Name,Action on Virus,User Name,Scan Type
20:37:29,Re: Approved (Ref: 3394-65467),WORM_PALYH.A,Clean failed. The file was passed.,<[email protected]>,Real-time Mail Scan
07:00:13,Your details,WORM_PALYH.A,Clean failed. The file was passed.,<[email protected]>,Real-time Mail Scan


Underwater Senior Member
Nov 29, 2001
My spam filter service (online) caught two of them just today. Delete it.
If you can, filter that e-mail address to delete it upon reciept.

You don't really think microshaft wants to speak to the little people do you? Heck no, not without money being involved.
They will never contact you. Sometimes (very very rarely) they will answer a question, so unless you asked them one....delete.

Also, it couldn't hurt to give your friends a call and ask them to scan too, the worm got your e-mail address from somewhere...:rolleyes:

Punkass virus writers, I swear.