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Vision Tek GF2 Ultra... good vid card?

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Jan 12, 2001
Kansas, USA
Seems like the best Ultra prices right now is the Vision Tek brand. Fairly cheap even. Anyone with personal experience or post a link to a review or article? Are these good fast overclockable video cards? Or should I save up for a few more months and get a GF3 card? Input badly needed, please.
Yeah.. I heard good things about the Vision Tek GeForce2 cards. I assume the Ultra applies here too. I think the prices on the Ultra has gone down quite a bit.
GeForce3 cards are better than what many people thought of.. The articles from review sites did not fully use the benchy method to get all the juice out of GeForce3. It does do better job in Higher resolution graphics setting with 32bit color and with more Eye-candy features than the GF2 Ultra with one step lower resolution setting. **you WILL see the noticeable difference from human eyes** Too bad I can't back this up. I tried to find the archive messages written by RoboTECH user from Anandtech but it's not retrievable. But of course the GeForce3 is still too pricey.. I think this choice is depend on how much the buyer is willing to spend..
Looks like the Ultra are finally coming down in price. Also, looks like the GeForce 3 cards are cheaper than originally thought. For another $100 more than the Ultra, a tweaker could have his trembling sweaty paws on a brand new GF3. Maybe I should save up for a couple more months and go for the gold. Prices are bound to be a little cheaper in a month or two.
Regardless of how much the price has dropped on these cards they still cost way too much, IMO. I'd suggest going with a Radeon, Kyro II (3D Prophet 4500) or a Geforce2 GTS 32 MB. The only way I could justify spending money on these cards is if I gamed as my full-time occupation. I play a lot of games myself, but the price/performance ratio of the GF3 and GF2 Ultra just sucks too much for me to even consider them.
Of course you're right about these cards being too expensive. Guess I'm lucky in that I can afford to spend a few extra bucks right now. It wasn't so long ago that I was on a super strict budget. Well, if I'm spending money, I might as well spend a little more and get the best. Just have to save up for another couple of months to get the GF3.