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visiontek geforce2mx64meg+550mhz proc bad gaming rig?

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May 25, 2001
yeah i threw out a 1995 matrox pos and took the plunge and got a 150$ geforce2mx64mb and its cool sofar. q3 blazes...ut is great...but some personal old games wont run(driver) and deus ex is a *****(i need a patch...i know i know) but what im wondering is 550mhz too slow for fast performance? sometimes crap loads slow and is choppy....and i read the manual and set everything optimally.....considering overclocking it....so yeah just let me know if i can survive another year with my 550 comp.
Let us in on the specs for the rest of your system. The GeForce takes off most of the work on the processor so shouldn't cause excesive slowdowns. My Celly 2 600 is weaker than that and plays games perfectly with an old GeForce 256 DDR in my second system.

May be something else holding you back.
I think the GeForce1 DDR is faster than GF2 MX 64mb. yah, is yours P3 550?? I suppose.. that is little slow for gaming rig. Try upping the FSB as high as it will go and to be able to play games..
it is OK for todays games, but not great for todays games and will not be able to handle tomorrows games. personally i would not be able to handle the little slowdowns that you described.
yeah ok here it is
550mhz k62
7200rpm 15 gig hd
19' monitor
and the aforementioned geforce
Oh.. i didn't realize you have a K6-2 550.. emm that system will hold you back quite a bit in good gaming performance. K6-2 is very weak FPU and doesn't do very well for gaming.. Try building a new system with your existing Video card. I'm sure you'll see lots of improvement. good luck :)