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Visited a friend last week.....

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Shadow ÒÓ

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Dec 20, 2000
Pensacola, Florida USA
long story short....visited a friend in his new home....

goofed off mostly with comptuers and oc'd his P 733 to 822 or something. Very mild oc. His heat was unbelieveable. 136 running normal apps and 150's running UT. Orb heatsink (better than the OEM one anyway) and nothing else special. Well....I also set up my computer in his small office and had temps about 10 degrees hotter than usual (fereinheit) so we set his fsb back to stock. No help.....temps still way up. His box was set up inside a desk so we set it outside the desk for better ventilation. That helped a bit but still very high.
Reseated the HS although it ran fine in another room.
I also didn't like my temps so high so I cut the case open near the fans to allow direct flow w/o restrictions. This helped quiet a bit (so I recommend it to anyone).

However nothing we did would bring down temps. MBM5 was both of our monitors and just can't figure out why his temps were so far off. Any ideas anyone?
Many orbs are not flat without lapping, even though they look ok to the naked eye. It may have limited contact with the cpu die. Was the orb very hot? If it was only marginally warm, while the cpu was hot it indicates bad thermal coupling to the heatsink.
hmm.....well actually the computer ran at normal temps in another room however the orb was fairly cool to the touch.....I'll give it a shot. Thanks!