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VIZIO OLED - 55in $1000 - 65in $1500

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Jul 20, 2006


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Jun 28, 2012
Don't OLEDs only last for 3 years or something? (Read that somewhere... don't know if it was some NUT who was saying it or he actually knew something...)
Not to my knowledge.. . They just have a risk of burn in depending on your usage cases like old plasmas did.



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May 29, 2005

As long as you aren't watching news or sports 24/7 or playing a singular game with a static hud element it's largely nothing to worry about.

I own an lg c8 65'' and there picture quality is outstanding.

Dec 13, 2005
I'm actually really considering the 55" right now as it's still on sale. My apartment has a small side room I'm turning into an excercise room - still don't trust gyms - and I'll probably grab a TV for it eventually. Might grab the Vizio for the main/living room, and move the 49" IPS LG I have now into that side room.

Update - posted this in the "What did you get today" thread. Jumped on one.

Looked around BB while I was there and I'm sure it's as everyone expected - some of the other panels are slightly thinner overall, the Vizio has some "junk in the trunk" - a pretty good sized plastic bulge in back around the ports and stand. Just throwing that out there if anyone "needs" a panel that only sticks out a quarter inch from the wall. And let me know so I can mock you for it.

Also, it's the generic RF smart TV remote - I've had Vizios in the past that had a QWERTY keyboard in the back and was hoping this one would be similar, but no. Switching over from my LG which had an RF airmote is also going to take some getting used to.

But overall a solid TV - better image than most of the traditional LCDs on dispay. Some of the high end LGs may have been *marginally* better, but lighting and calibration also plays a part.

As for burn in, as I said in the other thread, the protection plan does cover it. It was $200 for five years, which still leaves it as the cheapest OLED TV they have at this time.

And side note, get a second person to help move this thing. Had to drag it up two flights of stairs and it damn near killed me. The LG feels like it's made of packing peanuts in comparison.
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