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Volcano 6cu+ fit on 8KHA+?

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Chris-the dude

Feb 10, 2002
Chicago burbs
Hello Epox Owners

I was planning on getting an XP 1700+ and and 8KHA+ board. I'm gonna go for the Volcano 6cu+ since I'm on a low budget and do not plan to overclock too much (yet). I just wanted to make sure it would fit.

Wow, I sure must like products with a "+" after them:D

thanks for your comments



Unoriginal Macho Moderator
Oct 12, 2001
Los Angeles
Chris-the dude said:
just for my knowledge, are there any known poplular heatsinks that will not fit on 8KHA+?

No, The biggest HSF's there are fit on this mobo, the MC462, 8045 and the AX-7. There is nothing bigger, yet...


Mar 16, 2002
I have a Volcano 6cu+ on my current 1800XP rig. I'm running at 1.702 with the chunky monkey and around 50-55C depending on ambient air temps and CPU load. Certainly not stunning performance, but at $10 cost with my barebones kit it is well worth it. It also isn't too loud, maybe 50% more than an OEM HSF. I have just one other case fan so your rig may be noisier. The Epox MOBO has cavernous space around the CPU... it looks like anything will fit there.