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Volcano 6CU thermal pad ?

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Nov 25, 2001
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
I'm getting new toys soon, what I was wondering though is that if I get a CPU/Motherboard combo that is pretested with the Volcano 6cu on it, will the standard pad on that be a PITA to get off???

What I mean is, will it stick to the CPU and make greasy marks on it or anything, break up, or otherwise gunge things?
It will be an athlon XP if that makes any diff.


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You should have no problem getting the pad off. Just be careful not to scratch the heatsink and I doubt if it will stay on the processor. I've had heatsinks with thermal pads and not one has stuck to the processor. I would definitely use something like AS3 and not the pad.
it most certainly won't be on the cpu, at least in all my experiences with thermal pads. But, if it goes leave a residue i would use a q-tip and some alcohol to get it off. As for the HSF, i think bull covered that
Man I had a heatsink with a pad and it stuck on there, where I had to lap it to take it off.

Just make sure you get every little thing off, or you lose performance.
I took the pad of my 6cu+ before putting it on my chip so I don't know how easily it'll come off after it's used but my volcano II's pad came off easily after I had used it on my Duron for a few months. I used a razor to scrape off the pad from my 6cu+, yes it did put a few gouges in the bottom of the sink but mine was so poorly machined that I was going to have to do some very heavy duty lapping anyhow. You might find that you're in the same boat and have to lap yours anyway too.
ClaytonComp said:
I took the pad off my volcano 7 with a bell calling card and it worked great and didn't leave any marks

I don't get it....

....you're telling us Bell Canada is actually good for something? :D How many swipes at it did you need? Was ths pad fresh on the sink or had it already seen use?
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It was some what fresh but i did use it for a week then I wanted to lap it and put on arctic silver 2. It came off wih a bit of work thought but left no scrachtes