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Volcano 6cu+

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Jun 7, 2001
Lugoff, SC
Im at a friends house right now. Hes running an Athlon 1000 w/ a Volcano 6cu+ with the copper insert on the bottom. I think it needs lapping becuase it was really really rouch when he got it. His temps are 45 right now, but after some HL he gets up to 52. I put a 5000RPM 60mm fan as the exhaust. The PSU puts out ALOT of heat too! Should I lap? Or should I use somtehing other than the white paste that comes with the HS?
sure, go ahead and lap. it isnt going to hurt anything. the
silicone paste that came with it should be fine for it. you
wouldn't notice an incredible increase from an AS product.
Ive lapped a Volcano6Cu+ and I must say that it makes your cpu run a bit cooler. About degrees cooler. The base of the stock copper core is just too rough and needs a smoother surface. Just be careful not to round off the edges of the copper core, it would make the heatsink basically useless and hard to get flat again. If you dont plan on OCing his cpu, then the silicon paste it came with will be just fine. But if you are going to OC his cpu, there is no better alternative to ASII or AS3. Here are some reviews of the performances of ASII and AS3


Thats the heatsink I use. And I get about 44-46 full load:(. and boy oh boy is the air that pumps out of my PSU hot!!:( :(.

The 6cu+ has a rough bottom, that prob. shoud be lapped. Im going to water cooling myself so i dont know if ill get to lapping it.
Yeah, the Cu+ isnt really for OCing such hot CPU's. In fact, I traded it with a friend of mine for a 333Celery since it wouldnt fit on my Socket 7.