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Volcano 7

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Jul 2, 2002
hey guys I have a volcano 7 that I bought from one of my friends who OCs alot like I do, he go it right when it came out and he did alot of things with it and so did I. But now sice I have taken it in and out so much, the pressure clamps lost their pressure and my Processos is 6 Celsius hotter. I need does 6 C extrat in oder to have my CPU runnig @ 2.3 intead of 2.083, I tryed everything but the metal in the clams lost alot of its tension and no matter what I do I lose does 6C.
If I put my hand on top of my Heatsink and look @ the temps it goes down by 4C and I am barely applying anypressure to it. Aloso my temps use to be better b4, I check if it was my Thermalpaste or somehting thing but it aint. in the volcanot seven my friend broke the extra attachers for the p4 systems and I could have used them to apply that extra presure.
what can I do?


Nov 7, 2003
id just take the fan mount off so you can pull out the clip (should be four small screws at base) and then bend the clip a very small amount right at the joint. you might also be able to request a new clip from tt, dont know if they can provide that but its worth a shot. just be careful if you do bend the clip, cause if you make it give too much pressure or make it mount off center, you can easily crush your processor. i have personaly had a 1.2 tbird fall victicm to a tt volcano 7's death grip. you DONT want to chip your core.