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Volcano 7

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Nov 6, 2001
Melbourne, Australia
Looking at purchasing one of these hsf. One question though. It says that they support socket370 FC-PGA does that mean it will support the celeron tualatin?

IMO..get a Volcano 7+ instead, I have a volcano 7 and I do like it but the thermal diode is not the greatest...I have plenty of air flow in my case so the diode was always cool, thus my Volcano fan never kicked in to higher rpm's...The Volcano 7+ is more expensive yes, but you have a switch that allows you to choose how fast you want the fan to run.
If you dont overclock and not concerned about temps then go w/ the volcano 7....But I figure the price I paid for mine I should get some use out of the higher RPM's...if the diode is taken off and you solder the two points where the wires connect you get higher rpm's(5100 avg). My rig is plenty cool...nice fan, good performance.
I know that was not your question but I wanted to add my experience w/ this fan.:)