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Volcano 7+

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Mar 13, 2002
The Big Easy
Ok, I have been raving about this heatsink. And it was working great, my temps were stable and very cool. At the advise of one of the members on this forum, dont remember who, I wanted to check to see if the heatsink was making contact with the CPU. I looked, really couldnt tell, then decided to remove the heatsink and reinstall it just to make sure.

Cleaned off the heatsink and the CPU of Artic Silver and re-applied a new coat of it. Turned on the computer, went into the BIOS, and went to my hardware monitor. Temp steadily rising, started from 28C at start up to 39C within a matter of seconds. Quickly turned my computer off, and took a good look. Guess what, not making full contact. Heatsink is sitting on the anchors for the mounting bracket.

This is what I cant figure out though, why did it work so well the first time? I had no problems at all. That really confuses me. But back to the point.

I emailed Thermaltake, told them of my problem. Also told them I am not the only one I know of that has this prob. They emailed me back and want me to mail my heatsink to them for evaluation........ And what am I gonna get out of this. What is taking a look at the heatsink going to do? It's not the heatsink, well it is but you know what I mean.

Anyway I just wanted to update everybody about this. And tell them to beware if using the P4 478.

Seems to work fine on the AMD's though, I haven't read anything disputing that. Also dont know if it is all of the 478's or just the Northwoods. If anyone is using it on a Willie, or had probs with it on one, let me know.

Thanks everybody.