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Volcano II or Alpha PAL6035?

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Dec 18, 2000
Vancouver, Canada
Which would be best for a celeron 566@1003? I have a p3v4x(slot 1)motherboard and I don't want to loose too many ram slots with a heatsink fan. I'm currently running a golden orb.
either would be better than your orb. I have them both sitting here, I could plug them in and test them, but I don't want to crack my core.

I seem to remember the Volcano II was a good performer at a low noise. And the Alpha PAl - well, you can't really go wrong with this tried and tested baby.

I would say go for either.

update: morei mprtantly, the volcano II is about 2-3mm bigger than the volcano from what I can see.
hmm, well i went for the Volcano for price, as I am using in on a celey and is should be more than enough. I think they would offer similar performance.
Keep in mind, I don't run an Intel system, and can't address the DIMM slot problem, but based in pure performance and pleasure, my choice would be the PAL6035.

depends on the fan you've got on the Alpha... if it's the YS Tech 27 CFM i'd say they're probably comparable... if it's the Delta Black Label 60, the PAL would be louder. The PAL can use any 60 MM fan

I think the actual CFM rating on the TT Volcano 2 is 26 CFM. Some say it's a typo 36 ==> 26, and I believe it. I have a V2 now, and It's ok, but not spectacular. I'll probably upgrade to a Alpha Pal6035, FOP38, or Vantec FCE.
For a fixed dimension (60x60mm) set of fans, more CFM's = louder fan, and the V2 ain't loud.

The pal is ok BUT on my 1.2 at 1.4 it is hard pressed to keep out of the 50 to 54 c range at full load.This is to high considering room temp is 68 degrees and soon summer will hit the 80 and up temps,This PAL with artic silver 2 aint made for the oced 1.2 or 1.33 processors.

If you are putting it on a processor that will max out at 1gig I can promiss the alpha pal 6035 will do a fine job,If you intend on using it on a 1.2 and higher Go for the swiftech or water cooling cause the PAL cant handle the heat.