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Volcano II or Volcano III

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Dec 18, 2000
Vancouver, Canada
I just found a volcano III on thermaltake's website, which is better?

BTW this would be going on a celeron 566 with slotket in a p3v4x motherboard...
It depends on which socket you use, but the Volcano II seems better overall. It has a lower thermal resistance than that of the Volcano III.
I agree. The thermal resistance on the V3 is pretty high. Also, I wouldn't trust any HSF that uses a 10mm thick fan. Just a personal pref, though. I do have a V2, and it does it's job here on a D750 @ 900 (38C idle, 45 load with burnk6), and I'd imagine it'd work well on your combo, though I can't say for certain. I wouldn't suggest it for extreme AMD overclocking, and I wouldn't put it on a TBird.

Also the CFM rating on the V2 as listed is a bit high... I hear it's supposed to be 26CFM, and for sure I know it's lower than 36.

You wouldn't put it on a Thunderbird? Why the hell not? I swear to God, you people are so biased and opinionated, you're really not helping anyone who needs it. You've made up your mind, you're absolutely right, you know all the answers, and have no idea how to post an objective opinion for people. Duh.
This bugs me...Just because th orb's are completed piles of ****, does not mean the rest of thermaltakes products suck, I have heard very good things about the Volcano II, my friend has one on his T-Bird 1.3, and his temp is 45 degrees loaded...Not to badd eh?, If was going to build ME another computer, I wouldnt hesitate about getting aVolcano II
Biased and opinionated... I think not.
I know I didn't come across like I'm some sort of know-it-all, so you're obviously reading way too far into what I said. H2k asked which would be better, and I replied to that question. I have a V2, and it's not quite what the numbers may seem to make it. For me, it's a good enough cooler for now as it works fine on this system. I never said it's a sucky cooler, and i never said Thermaltake sucks. The most "opinionated" I ever got was the deal with not putting it on a TBird, and being an overclocker, I wouldn't. Sue me. Note, people, that I NEVER said it wouldn't do it's job on a TBird. As for anyone who's got a V2 on their TBird, I'm happy for ya. I'm sure most of the people who read my post took it and continued on, rather and dwelling on some hidden anti-Thermaltake rhetoric that doesn't exist. I told from my personal experience, that's all.

Bottom line, folks. A question was asked. A question was answered. It would really suck to see more people get dumped on like this when they try to help someone.

Anyone who wants to see a post that doesn't help anyone, see posts 4 and 5 in this thread.

Allow me to retort..... Duh
End of rant

k_lined4lyf........turning this into a flame war isn't going to help either. Notice no one else thought ill of your post.....Torch's post was addressed. Yours needed no attention.
ok, i don't have a huge problem, or am not biased against thermaltake. For sure though, stay away from the worbs now, most cpus produce more heat than they can handle now(haven't seen tests of the copper orb yet, heard it is really good). I have a Volcano II on the way for my celeron. WHy did i get it, price and the fact that for my chip, it is fine. Had I had more money to spend, i would have gotten a better cooler, cause as is the Volcano II is just above average. So i don't recomend it, but I don't deplore it either. The fact is, there are much better solutions out there that don't cost a whole lot more. Since i am upgrading soon, I didn't really care.
ive tried gorbs before. so far the best heatsink i've bought is my alpha. gorbs work ok for moderate cooling. the volcano would probably work fine on your celly. one of my friend uses a gorb on his celly 600 and keeps it at 900 and it works great. if you have the coice you should atleast look into buying an alpha. compare prices.

and torch we are talking about a celeron 566 here and not a tbird.
yeah, i looked into the alphas, they were a bit more and just wanted to try this out. The benchies had the pal6035 at not too much more than the Volcano II, and this was on T-Birds. My celey puts out nothing, look what I am doing with the retail pos, and my computer is very stable. Gorbs were great coolers once, but they don't cut it any more. The design just isn't right, they don't have the surface needed. The best thing I saw for Orbs is to mod them as water blocks, that seems like a pretty nice solution.
I was considering an alpha, but I don't think it was worth it for $60, it may or may not make my celeron stable at 1003 anyways, so I don't wanna spend $60 for a alpha
where are getting that price for an alpha? 2cooltek has pep66s and pal6035s in the low $30s and upper $20s respectively.
Yeah.. 60 bucks... you're talking Swiftech territory now.
The Alphas I've seen are in the 25-40 dollar range.