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Volcano9 Temps & AMD Stepping Q's?

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Sep 12, 2002
Hello everybody,
Thanks for all your help through the past month I am still relatively (sp) new to overclocking and I wanted to give some updates and I have a few new questions.

First off I got my AX-7. And I found a problem with its size :-( my motherboard is kinda old but supports the AthlonXP series up to 2100. I however opted for the Green 2000+ But to my dismay there are 3 large capacitors just close enough for the AX-7's fins to touch keeping the heatsink off the CPU correctly. So I had to get a Volcano. I went for the 9 Series. I asked before about which to get 7+ or 9 and I got about a 50:50 decision.

So with the Volcano 9 and AS3 installed. I overclocked the CPU using the following settings.

CPU/PCI Ratio 144/36
VCore 1.85
Multipier 12.5

Thus giving me 1.827 Ghz

Rebooted and ran Prime95
The temps I am getting are very high.
57C with case closed
53C With case open
I freaked when I saw a temp of 57C LOL

I let the system run without Prime95 and I get idle temps of 47-48 and max temps playing Half-Life (the only game I have. Sad? I know!) at 52C. These temps are not much better than the original heatsink and fan running at the stock clock of 1.667Ghz. My cables are as clean and neat on one side as I can get. My case has a large front intake grille with a single 80mm fan(can add 2 more intake fans). 2-80mm Exaust fans. And a bottom intake PowerSupply fan. As far as how I insalled the heatsink: Rubbed a tiny layer of AS3 on the copper plate of heatsink and put a tiny bead (half a BB size) on the die and carefully installed them. I had cleaned of the die using a spray that is for such job bought at a computer store for a fortune. I used latex gloves to prevent my oils from touching the CPU or Heatsink. The V9 is in max fan mode churnning out @5192 RPMs.

Is there anything I did wrong to cause such high temps? Or are these temps normal with the V9 + AS3 both running Prime and when using the system? Any suggestions are welcomed.

Now for the Stepping. I bought this chip at the local computer store before I knew anything about AMD stepping and overclocking of the XP series. This is what was on my die. I have heard arguments from both sides as to which is best or better or sucks. Everyone has there own opinion, I would like some about mine. The first line I can use AMD.com to figure out but the rest is a mystory to me.


Thanks everybody for your help and suggestions.

Onboard Ultra160 SCSI
AthlonXP 2000+ (Green)
256 DDR PC2100 RAM
ATI Radeon 8500
Windows XP Pro w/SP1
Cheeta 15k 18GB SCSI HD
WD 40GB Storage HD
5x DVD-ROM (Sad!!)
4x CD-RW (Sad too!!)
ZIP 100
(Dont worry Im updating the DVD and CDRW veryyy soon)

Thanks Alot!!!


Oct 13, 2002
um thats a AGIOA stepping week - year/week and Y or 9 on the third line is spossed to be really good


Aug 10, 2001
uve fallen in to the same thing as me Thermal"TOKE" my money.. the v9 is a POS.the v7+... a nice combo would be that AX7 and the fan (smartcase fan II) taht on ur v9... those capacitors can bend back a little (ive done it) but not more the 5 mm so c if u can squeeze it in and always install heatsinks with the side without the screw driver clip first... good luck BTW i get 41c load with 1.650 voltage on my 2400+ when i up the the voltage to overclocks a wee bi t 170x13 with 1,95v temp shoot to between 53-55c..... very bad that ax-7 would be nice if you could get it on


Sep 12, 2002
I moved those capacitors as far over as they would move which wasnt much cause they were the long tube type. AX-7 will not fit. Period. :-( Stupid @$$ Motherboard LOL. And these capacitors are on the side without the screwdriver clip making it even harder to put these monsters on but thats all in the past.

One thing I forgot to ask. the V9's temp sensor fan control. Good idea to use or not? And the directions were crap. How do you "fix the sensor to the underside of the chip" Superglue? LOL. I just love poor instructions.


Senior Member
Nov 25, 2001
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
If you've got the AX7 and didn't return it, take a saw to it. Even with a half inch chunk out of one side it should still do better than the volcano 9.

Hmmm, looks like your stepping is terrible though, you should mail it to me with $10 and out of the goodness of my heart I'll swap for my AGKGA XP1800 :D .... j/k

Seriously, looks like a reasonable stepping and most people say an AGOIA Y of any date code is an easy 1733 or 1750. Might not be the best of the best, but it's a decent one.