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volt mod on ti 4200

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phantom punisher

Jan 4, 2001
fort drum NY
im getting ready to do my card. but when i went to read the starting voltages. i found my gpu running at a reasonable 1.66v but my memory seems to be at 3.2 already! anyone else have the visiontek 4200? can you cheack your mem voltage for me please. i wan tto know if my card is wildly out of spec. its soppose to be around 2.8ish i belive. heres where you can read the mem voltage from
ah thank you kato! it looks like 3.2 is the norm and i even saw this voltage for my samsung 4 ns ram. exactly what i needed to see. now on to the modding.
Nice Mod for GF4 Ti4200 with SC1102CS DC/DC regulator

The use of 1000 ohm for GPU and 5000 ohm for Memory will do the trick. Use 5% tolerancy resistor is enough to smooth out the volatge signal.
nah im gonna use trim pots and experiment. and probly make it modular so i can plug in the trim pots when i want and unplug them when i dont want to voltmod. its more for the fun of it than anything