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Volt modding a KR7A RAID

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The kits I mentioned where from the classifieds, I got 2 and there work just as he said, very easy to install( If I can do it anyone can!!) and I stabalized my 1800+ @1780 and it runs great now:D
The kits came from Larry Quinn and are well worth what he gets for them.:burn:
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How can I get my hands on one of those? I don't have enough posts. Don't you have to have at least a 100? krag
For all of you that don't have enough posts to get to Larry Quinn's VMod Kits, in the classifieds, here is a quote, and a link to email Larry............

Well...Here they are....
Complete Volt-Mod Kits!!!!!!

All joints are soldered and Heat-Shrunk to insure nothing shots out!

Well done and VERY professional looking...(Even If I do say myself.. )

500K Ohm Cermet 25 turn trimmers....infinate variability from 500K to 0 Ohms...

I have "Factory Set" all the trimmers to MAX for safety....

Just turn the small brass screw Counter-Clockwise to raise your V-Core.

REAL PAMONA SMD Grabbers.....(Yes the GOOD ONES)!

I have even installed a screw terminal for the case (Ground) screw.

I've found that putting this under a screw for a CD-rom or H/D works best!

I had 10 units total..and 3 are gone already!

I'm asking $10.00 U.S. each...Shipping included (USPS)

If the buyer wants UPS or Fed Ex...that will be added to the original $10.00 at their cost.

If these get sold...and people want more....I WILL re-order the components....and make more available!

I take Paypal if you prefer.

E-Mail me at [email protected]


These kits are completely finished, and need no soldering.



I ordered one 2 days ago. I think these kits are going to be the bomb, cause you can take them off your mobo when you upgrade and put them on the new one with no damage done. I can't wait to slap it on my kr7a. krag
I e-mailed larry Q. and he sent me this thread to read. There are a lot of links to follow up on. These links will give you all you need to know. There is no soldering the volt mods come with little grabbers on the end of wires that clutch the particular legs of the voltage module you are trying to enhance. Check it out, it looks pretty sweet. krag

Thanks for the brain work on the volt mods Doc! I am totally stoked that they are simple and reusable!!!!!!!!!!

Way to go Bro.:burn: