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Voltage Mod to get to 1GHZ?!!?

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Jul 16, 2001
I have a Soyo K7TVTA Pro motherboard and I "NEED" to get to 1GHZ!!!
I have the mutli. to 900MHZ and the FSB to 107, the CV is 1.90 V's! It is at 964MHZ right now! If I do that voltage mod thing will that help me?? How do I do the voltage mod?
I would have thought that with sufficiant cooling that most 750 Durons would be capable of reaching a Ghz without a voltage mod although I could be mistaken, have you tried 10x 100 or 7.5 x 133 if your ram is up to the job.What hsf and tempratures are you running ?
The more information you provide about your system the more we can help
Yes I have tried 10X100 and the scren shows up blank! The highest I can go is 9X100!! And my temps are at idle 116F and 127F for the high! Thank you! Hope you all can help some more!
I have a Duron 750 that I use as a test cpu whenever I have an experiment to do. Why risk a high end Bird for testing? Also a friend of mine has a 750 to and so does somebody that I have been exchanging emails with. None of these cpu's would hit a gig even with the voltage mod. In fact I had to chill mine to -23C with 2.3 volts to get it to hit a gig! For some reason the late 750's seem to be quite lame. I have also seen many complaints about that particular cpu here.

Try the vmod maybe you will have better luck with the 750 then I had, just make sure your cooling is good as more voltage really heats things up.
Sorry all, I forgot that I can set it to 1GHZ but when Windows loads up it say's that I have a file missing or is corrupt! I have windows 2000 Pro.
Can you all help he some more??!?!?