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Voltage on the A7V /w T-Bird 800

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New Member
Feb 7, 2001
Hey there, have a problem!
Just purchased a T-bird 800 on a 1.03 rev a7v mobo.
Using the pencil trick, the multi's unlocked and I can have at er. I'm running into voltage trouble I think. I set the entire mobo to jumperfree, but of course still need the jumpers to set the multiplier. I use 850 no problem, when going to 900, it won't post, (the monitor never turns on...) I figure I need some more volts, but no matter WHAT i try, be it setting the vcore to USER DEFINE in the bios and selecting 1.8 (of course I set the vcore jumpers to auto/jumperfree first) or turning off jumperfree and selecting 1.84 volts (the highest setting) I can't get it to post/boot up. Anyone else have the same problems? It almost seems like the vcore settings are having no effect, does the processor need any further mods? I know an 800 Tbird can go higher than 850.... HAAALPPP
-bows head in shame at his dilemma...
Make sure you use the switches to set both your multiplier and fsb... the fsb I believe is the one that defines "jumper-free" mode. Try setting the fsb to 101Mhz and see if you can change the voltage after that. I had that problem at one point, but I think it fixed itself (or maybe I'm that good... ok, maybe not).