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Voltage question about XP's and changing voltage on them

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Jul 28, 2002
Alberta, Canada
are the pins that control the voltage on the XP cpu's lazered out like the L1's?

cause i wanna make the default voltage of 1.85..

could you also point me to a guide on how and which pins to connect to do so? thx


Captain Random Senior Evil
Nov 8, 2001

The middle L11 is cut on a 1.75v cpu. I would assume that they use the same laser tool to get this done on the assembly line as is used for cutting the L1's. Fill one pit and then connect the bridge with something conductive. You should then get 1.85v.

The Coolest

Senior Member
Jul 29, 2001
nope, if your maximum vcore setting in the BIOS is 1.85, setting a default vcore to 1.85 will have no affect, only instead of setting to vcore to 1.85 in the BIOS u'll be able to set it to Default and still run at 1.85volts. Unless your mobo lacks the vcore feature I don't its necessary to do this