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voltage question? need responses ASAP!

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Jun 13, 2001
ok, i have a xp1600+, but when i put it in my system, i get random restarts for no reason. heres my specs-

A7V133a (bios 1009 (supports athlon xps))
384mb pc133
gainward GF2TI
Soundblaster Live
40x CD-RW and 40x DVD
20gb WD HD

ive tried everything, and i think its the power supply, but i want to be sure before i go buy a new one. i have a duron 750 that works fine when i put it in, even if i OC it to 1000, its still rock stable. but when i put in the 1600+, it randomly reboots in windows for no specific reason. the temps are in the low 40Cs, and ive tried the chip in my freinds computer to make sure its not the problem, and it worked flawlessly. right now i have a 300w power supply, but i picked it up pretty cheap, so im thinking its not the best. could the PS be the problem? please respond if you have ANY thoughts, as im very anxious to get this working. thanks!!!


Sep 9, 2002
under the floorboards
It does sound like psu could be your problem- especially if you are running stock voltage and speed. xp's require a lot of juice. Even if it's not your psu- a decent one would be a good investment. I had one of those awful psus that they put in cases that fried on me two weeks ago- i was lucky it didnt take the rest of my rig with it (capacitors exploded). A similar psu from the family box I just put togheather seems to be in its death throes. Those things are just trash.


Jan 19, 2001
I had that problem once and yah it was due to the PSU. after i went out to get a better one it was working fine until i got a new casing and decided to unlock my AMD chip. the casing came with 9 fans and in total had 12 fans. i'm still in the testing period but i notice when i put all the fans together, my system will also reboot on it's own. a real pain i'll say. you might want to invest in a better PSU like i'm going to test a 400w PSU to see if it helps me with my problem :burn: