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voltage-regulation for CPU-cooler

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New Member
Mar 2, 2001
I own an Alpha 6035 with YS-Tech Power-cooler @ 12V. Now that i got a cable to lower the voltage of the cooler its rpm sank from app. 4800 to 1800. As a result the CPU temp has risen to 57, when raytracing. I think this cable maybe regulates the voltage of the cooler to 6V, but there are also solutions for 8V and 10V. Now is there anybody who can tell me if i can modify the cable for 8V or 10V use, or if there are manuals for that on the net?
You could use a rheostat or better yet, go to Radio Shack and buy a LM317 voltage regulator and built the circuit on the back of the package.
I agree with Colin on the Radio Shack Voltage Regulation Curcuit based on the LM317. I just built Three for my fans but I used a 2.5k ohm LINEAR TAPERpotentiometer not the 5k ohm the package diagram showed. I got the "pot's" with switches for $1.72 US fom the Radio Shack web site. Make sure you get the LINER TAPER or it will be a pain to adjust fan speed. The audio taper uses exponential resistance growth and the linear is a straight sloped line. I also added a 220 ohm leftover resistro in the pot output so the voltage never goes below 3 volts for safety. I also found out that there is a ~3 volt drop across the regulator so the max I get is about 9 volts. Because of this voltage drop I only use a 25 ohm 5 watt power reostat for the cpu cooler so I get from around 9 to 12 volts. I will probably order a 100 ohm power reostat to see if I can lower this. My more than $0.02 but I hope it helps.