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SOLVED Voltages for Athlon M/brds

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Its appears that motherboards with voltage adjustments in
the mobo bios are very good for changing the default voltage
for a athlon 1GHZ for example from 1.75v to 1.575, this has
allowed me to use my cpu at 1010mhz (1.63 core voltage) without
any problems, the .06 of a volt is always added for some reason, I
use a K7 msi pro 2 A mobo, this has shaved 8 celcius off my previous
max of 49 Celcius, and currently runs at 38C - 42C full load, I do
have 2 fans over my cpu, which is important. Anyway it is a good way
of keeping cpu temperatures down, and 1.65 volt is AMD's min spec
for socket A athlons, they also say 90C is the max cpu temperature, but
honestly after 50 C has been meet expect problems, atleast thats
my experience.
What kind of cpu are you using?
Generally you can play with the voltage at rated speed, but in most cases Duron/Tbirds can get higher speed with more voltage.
My 700 duron does not post over 900 mhz at 1.6V, however it is currently running stalbe at 1100mhz with 2.1V core.
I use a Athlon 1ghz at 101 x 10, I did have a duron 700 oc at 900 with
a 1.725 v core on cpu, my mobo will not allow over 1.91 volts even with
the special oc bios from MSI, I messed it up but lead solder did not
keep the L1 bridges closed anyway so got athlon 1 ghz instead, and by
the way there is a big difference in 3D games comparing it to a duron, and
this atleast pleased me, but it stung me 100 quid more ouch!