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Voodo 5 video card

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Mad Butter

Jul 24, 2001
HELLO everybody.. I am writing to get your opion. I just bought a new voodo 5 card for my new computer. yes I know voodo went out of business but my personal opion is that they still kick major a**. My brother has a voodo 3 and his is incredible with gaming. You should see the fans on the voodo 5 I got. It's incredible. Of course it has 64mb or ram on it. What do you think about it. What video card do you have and is it good???

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Shadow ÒÓ
Welcome to the forums! I have a Voodoo 5500, it's great for older games (especially UT), but some newer games (especially Tribes 2) don't get along with it too well. Mine won't o/c with the stock heatsinks much without producing artifacts, so I'd reccommend getting some blue orbs for it if you want to overclock it.
Hello. I had a V5. It was a good card for some time. A bit tempermental in my opinion though, But still a good card. I sold mine a little while ago and bought a Radeon 64 DDR. Which is far better! Better color, image,and speed. FSAA is'nt any where near as good as the V5 though, but I am able to run in 32bit color, @ 1280 X 1024 res and it's a lot faster and better looking then the V5 was with 2X FSAA @ 1024 X 768 was.

But like the ealier post stated. It's an excellent card for some of the older games. Also depends on your setup. Some people just have better luck then others with it.