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Voodoo 3 to R8500 swap.

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Feb 2, 2002
St. Louis, Missouri

I ordered a new mobo, ram, power supply, CPU, R8500, Sound Card, and CPU cooler.

I received everthing but the cooler and the R8500 which came aday later.

Being impatient, I stuck a coolermaster HSF I had used on my tbird 1.4 for a while on the new 1600+. This booted up great... Nice temps, and all.

Today, I popped the new CPU cooler on, and slid the R8500 in, booted up, all the fans on high. But then I hear a long beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep ... beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep coming from my Shuttle AK31a... I couldn't firgure it out... So I put my old Voodoo3 in that worked before with the old Coolermaster, and I get the same beeps.

I tried the CPU on my A7v 133 and it worked fine.


  • Maybe the RAM went bad while swapping the video card an cooler.
  • Maybe my AGP slot when bad
  • Maybe the motherboard went bad

I need some input... and help!