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Voodoo 5 5500 & 3DMark 2001

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Dec 13, 2001
Is it just me or is a score of 684 3dmarks from 3DMark 2001SE for a voodoo 5 just plain low? I used default settings. Another thing; 3DMark says there is no anti-aliasing on my system and the maximum colour depth i can choose is 16 bit. Is it possible the component hampering my performance is my celly 633 oced to a 105FSB (1GHZ) or my 5400 rpm 10GB hardrive? Or is it that my mobo might have a poor memory subsystem (PCChips M754lmr) or that i am using a voodoo 5 pci? Or that i am using 3rd party drivers for my voodoo 5 (x-3dfx's latest drivers)? ANYONE PLEASE HELP! And if you have any benchmarks from 3dmark 2001 se on voodoo 5's, can you please post them?
dont worry about biasmark 2001. is heavily optimized for cards with hardware t&l. 3dmark shows a gf2gts and a radeon beating the crap outta my voodoo5. but when teamed up witha fast cpu in real world games, the v5 gets similar performance to these 2 cards.

same thing with a kyro2.
I have a voodoo5 also and thats about the scores I get on my sytem so that is nomall but If you have a pc over 1.0Ghzs you might have a problem, what sytem do you have?