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Voodoo 5 5500 boots up in b&w most of the time!

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Feb 1, 2001
Voodoo 5 5500 boots up in b&w color most of the time!

It boots up in b&w most of the time but is just fine when it finally boots in color

anyone ever hear of this?

could it be a defective card?

I have tried diff driver and bios settings

Any ideas?

It is also a non-refundable. :(
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Im not exactly sure why, but I know forsure that it is not a defective card just because of that. I have heard PLENTY of stories about the Voodoo5 and B&W. The only advice I have to you is try to get new Voodoo5 drivers, and look for some B&W patches.
the problem is that it is a card I sold and the guy wants to return it to me because of the problem. What should I tell him.
I am talkin about the color on the monitor not the game black and white. when the computer boots into windows, most of the time it boots up in a black and white color
Were you aware of the problem when you sold it?

If you were and you didn't inform the buyer of the problem then I would say you should take it back.

I just say, if the tables were turned how would you want to be treated?
I am not saying that I won't take it back. I will. Jeff thought I was talking about the game b&w and I didn't realize it.

The guy said he is going to try it in another system. If it sometimes boots in color, what kind of defectoin is that. Do you think something could be wwrong with the connection or the monitor?
Did it ever happen when you used the card? And if he swaps it for another computer, does it happen there? If it only happens on his rig, I would say that it's some problem with his computer, perhaps the AGP port. But no, I've never heard of this happening. It might also be his monitor.
Yeah, sorry bout that, at first I thought you were talking bout the GAME B&W. But anyways, there are a number of things that could be wrong, ask him to double-check ALL the connections to the card, make sure the fans are working, make sure the thing isnt tooo hot, as there is a possability it may be heat realated, also make sure you have ATLEAST a 300W power supply, especially with the Voodoo5's.
I wasn't accusing you of ripping the guy off. I just thought that was your question about what you should do.

Now as far as what could be wrong with it?

There's any number of possibilities. Like you suggested, it could be a dying monitor. It could be a dying V5. The only way to find out is if you ask him to try it on another computer.
He said he will try it in another system and then get back to me. I will post some more info on the situation as soon as I get some. I hope it's not a faulty card.