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Voodoo or ATI or nvidia?

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Jan 22, 2001
I have a Voodoo 5 5500 pci right now and it works well will quake engine games. I know I know...I'll be switching to AGP in about 6 months or so but for now I'm gonna milk my present computer. So I'm continueing the search for the ultimate PCI video card. I have found the geforce 2 mx400. How does the mx 400 fair against the mighty voodoo 5? Does it offer ddr ram? If not, are there any 64mb sdram models that have great ratings? Next is the ATI Radeon 7000 64mb ddr. Its basically the radeon VE renamed and I have heard it does not perform that great on games. What you guys think?

So if I go with the geforce 2 mx400, which card maker or model is the best one out there?

ATI better than the Voodoo?

thanks for the answers. This card that I will choose will last me until I get AGP.:p


Jul 17, 2001
Denver, Colorado
for not much more than the price of that MX400 you could get a motherboard with AGP and good enough built in video to last till you could get a good AGP card.

That's what I would do- you have to start with a solid foundation, the mobo is the heart of a good system.


Jun 27, 2001
Wash. State
Yeah, hang onto your Voodo 5 for now. An MX-400 benches about that same as a Voodoo 5 anyhow. For OpenGL based games there isnt really a better card than the Voodoo. Save your bucks and do like the posts before me said and get a great mobo to start over with. for about 150 bucks you can get a mobo combo with agp and a descent processor. Then you could use your Voodoo until you can afford a good agp video card. This is what I have always done.