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Voodoo2 in SLI and RTCW

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Oct 20, 2001
Carbondale, IL
i am thinking to get 2 voodoo2 in sli....will i be able to play rtcw in 1024 x 768 with decent frame rate? with pii450 oced to 500, with my current setup?
well, if I understand it correctly RTCW uses the Q3 engine (OpenGL). So yes, that might be worth a try. If you take a look at this link , you see that you would prolly get something like 40FPS with your setup in 1024x768

Good luck,

Two voodoo2s were able to run Q3 in 1024x768, so I'm guessing you will be able to run Wolfenstein, at least with some tweaks.
Voodoo 2's are actually pretty fast, they just arnt that pretty. But they were fast, especially with sli. However, i think you would be better off spending 50 bucks and getting a geforce 2 or something.
A dual Voodoo2 configuration would be sweet for a Glide game... say... UT.... :)

One of the last games with a decently working Glide API.

A Voodoo2 SLI rig is essentially the same thing as a Voodoo3 with a lower clock speed, and a V3 will run RTCW.

More importantly- I cut my FPS teeth playing Q3 on my 300a@450 rig, running one 8MB V2. It wasn't fast, or pretty, but it played just fine. You have more CPU grunt and 2X the vid card, so I bet it will do Wolfie just fine :D

but like Wyrmmaster said you are better off getting something newer, like GF2 MX or GTS or something.
I currently have a Obsidian X24 24MB Voodoo2 running WTCW and Medal Of Honour at speed FPS (above 30fps ;) ) on a K6-2 500MHz system.

The trick to the Voodoo2s framerate is to make sure you never exceed the onboard texture memory storage. In quake3, you gotta use one less quality to have the game run 100% smooth and 50+ FPS at 1024x768.

You are a lucky one, you said you got a Pentium2 450MHz right?? OK, that means, throw that thing out and throw in a Cellery 1.4GHz (100MHz FSB) and your system will be all speedy again. Take a look at what Power Leap has to offer in Slot1 to FCPGA2 adapters.
I currently have a Obsidian X24 24MB Voodoo2

oh man!!! I used to drool over those back in the V2 days. Two boards in one! I bet it still gets the job done today, eh? I looked and looked but could never find one, I eventually gave up and bought a V3. I envy you sir, that's a classic piece of PC history:D
well, i ramed my ti4200 back to newegg, but they are out of stock, so i have to find something for replacement. Was thinking about albatron turbo or triplex, but guess i will be waiting for 9700. but i need a card now to play wciii and rtcw, and me don't want no g2 or g3 or anything else, but something "NEW" hehe.