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SOLVED Voodoo5 5500 removing stock heatsinks 3dfx used Bondo!

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I have heard this thread a couple of times what do I do to get the standard hs off? can I upgrade teh 40mm fans? if so which 40mm fans are good? is all this putting cards in the freezer worth the risk of killing one of my Voodoo5s?
Well I didnt put my card in the freezer. All I did was take a flat screwdriver, and slowly pry of the heatsink untill I heard this little PoP, and off it came. I suggest getting 2 blorbs for each GPU.
I might just put on another fan like a Sunon 40x20mm fan that will just go on top and work better. Is the screw driver thing really safe I would hate to kill it when I can sell it for 85bucks easy!
VooDoo's sinks aren't hard to get off. not the 2 I've done anyway. Twist it.......it'll snap off. If you have problems, do the freezer trick.

I used Socket 7 HSF's for mine. Lapped and AS2 with a tiny dab of Super glue gel on each corner.