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vortex coolers: wondering if possible...

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Apr 1, 2002
Hey all. First message here so be patient with me if concept has already been brought up.

I have been following pepsi's thread on his vortex/tornado acrylic cooling reservoir for a while now and I was wondering if the same things could be achieved using this:

protein skimmers

Now these are supposed to provide some kind of filtration for aquariums and are readily available in pet stores all over but the question is: can those things be modded to be used for water cooling as reservoir/vortex cooling/air trap?

I thought that those would also look pretty cool attached to the back of a pc.

Any thoughts?

(Of course, this whole vortex cooling thing is not my idea and if you used the search engine here, pepsi is the one to credit for coming up with it, so please ask him for any info on the subject. I am but a follower) =)
This thing really looks cool, but it wont do for PC cooling.
For one thing, you don't want air in your water. Two, this
thing is a separator, not a cooler. The physics at play
in a vortex tube are not at play here.

Does look really cool though. :D
what if...

Okay, apart from the cooling, would it be possible to create such a vortex without introducing air, just as a cool looking reservoir.

I have noticed that there are a lot of diy guides to building these protein skimmers so I thought instead of building a simple acrylic tube/reservoir as sold on the german site to build one with a vortex for looks.

Is it as simple as putting a smaller tube inside the main tube and put water pressure to create the column of water?

Thanks for the replies.
maybe diggrr is around to show a pic of his old setup. he had an awesome vortex res in his case with a cutout. ill look around old posts for it if he doesnt see this.

edit: after some searching around in some OLD posts, i found this and this night shot of diggrrs old setup.
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thanks man, this is exactly what I was looking for. Now if only there was a way to make it cool water like Pepsi's. hehe =)