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Aug 23, 2002
OK im starting a vote on what you guys think would be the best setup fan wise for a full tower antec case NOISE COUNTS id like to stay under 30-35 db UNDER also there is a case window so looks COUNT ok now you need to choose one 80 mm fan for the volcano 9 hs i can put a 80 92 mm converter for more cfm for less noise if that is an option you take so choose a fan 80 or 92 mm for the hs now you must choose 5 80mm for the case 2 of these the looks count 3 are hiddon and then you must choose one 900 mm fan for the top part of the case low rpm low noise low cfm it doesnt really matter i already have a vantec stealth up there and its plenty quiet also as a side note if you would like to sugest a good quiet fan for a geforce 4 ti4400 un overclocked you may add that. thats about it HAVE FUN oh and ps the proc is not overclocked


Aug 16, 2002
St Louis, MO
Vantec stealths and panaflos are quiet. If the proc and video card are both not overclocked then 6 case fans (I think that was the total) seems pretty excessive, maybe two 80mm intakes and 2 80mm exhausts plus the PSU should be plenty. Looks? If you like LED fans get those, otherwise you dont have much of a choice (I guess the SF2 is orange....).

If youre gonna invest in all these fans, then overclock!


Mar 8, 2001
Queens, nYc baby!
Gnufsh said:
Was reading... no punctuation... can't follow thread of thought... giving up... moving on...

good point. honestly, how hard is it to type a comma or a period and make teh post so much actually understandable.