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Wait any longer before buying a CPU?

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New Member
Nov 16, 2002
I got a couple questions and hopefully, your answers/opinions will help me make a decision.

1. Why are the 2.26 Ghz's more expensive than the 2.4Bs? Do they o/c better? The lower multiplier?

2. If I buy a 2.4B...what are the chances that I'll receive a C1? If I buy a 2.26? Does anyone know a place that indicates the stepping of CPU they sell?

3. Where are the pricecuts? If anything...price has gone up a bit on the 2.26s and 2.4Bs.

4. So, should I wait to buy in hopes of a higher percentage of getting a C1, and hopefully lower prices?

Haha, Im one of those people that say they are gonna buy it soon, but end up holding out for new technology; and when that comes I end up holding out again for something better.

TIA guys!
There were price cuts last week, when the 3.06 came out. Personally I would wait till after the holiday season, b/c I think resellers will drop prices then.
wait after christmas for the 3.06Ghz to get lower in price, the best bung for the buck now is the 2.4B, the price cuts where on the 10th of november but only applied to the 2.53 and 2.66 i think, the other chips didn't drop in price