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Wanna overclock but have no idea how!

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New Member
Mar 29, 2002
Hey everyone, new here.
I have a intel pentium 4 @ 1.7GHz.
I thought i knew a lot about computer but am lost when it comes to overclocking. Can I run 2.2GHz on this cpu. I dont know what kind of motherboard i have. what do I do?



Inactive Super Quad Mod
Oct 25, 2001

For starters, go to the front page of this site and click on "tips and techniques" then go to "beginner guides". These will tell you everything you need to know to overclock your computer if it is possible. The guide I recommend starting with is titled OVERCLOCKING BASIC TRAINING. It's a great guide and will show you what to do. Read everything, experiment and when you run into walls and need specific advice on just about anything, post in here in the proper topic and one of the many folks that frequent this place will gladly tell you what they know. Good luck!

Oh, and once you overclock your system, test it's stability by Folding Proteins. :D

Good luck!


Jul 9, 2001
Louisville, KY
the motherboard is the heart of your system...it controls everything. Once you learn about your mobo and whether it allows FSB and voltage adjustment in the bios as well as other options then you can worry about overclocking

The manufacturer and model is probably written on the board somewhere. Crack open your case and let us know what you see

and dont listen to the folding guy SETI is the way to go www.ocsetiteam.com :D sorry man I had to throw it in