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Want a 40" monitor but not finding one !

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Oct 2, 2018

I have a 27" Qnix 1440p IPS really good monitor. But it's time for a bigger one.

Thought about 32", it would be of course a good upgrade but I think I may regret buying this size and wishing that I got the 40".

Tried to search for a good 40" monitor and found good ones that are 4k but unfortunately no available ones for sale.

There are good 43" monitors but I think they would be a bit too much for my couch setting that the distance is only 1.5m to the monitor.

I think the 40" would b the best size but can't find one, what is the problem now ? Is 40" discontinued from the market or what exactly ?
Yep, I ran by that one but I actually want one of these:
1. AOC C4008VU8
2. Philips 4K BDM4065UC
My local Microcenter shows:

10 AOC C4008VU8 in stock.

Newegg lists the PHILIPS BDM4065UC Black 40’’ shipping from South Korea. (Linky)
It's closer but OMG what is that ??! +$1000 .. is that because the monitor is rare in the market ?

If things would be difficult for 40" monitors then I would go for a 43" one. It shouldn't exceed $500.
Thanks man for the support.

Yep I was happy with this price but it's 1080p. The 4k version is just $100 more.

Now here comes the $$ calculator 🙂

So that would be for the 43" LG, Dell or Philips around $650 + shipping +$300 .. that's really tough price. The shipping price alone is equal to 32" monitor in local store that 1/2 hour of my house!

It's really not worth this whole cost. Or I just have to search for a 40" Sony TV.
When it comes to money - $950 "ish" is a tough pill to swallow.

Searching on Newegg I see three 40" 4K "T.V.s". Prices are $1,890 to $220.

I'm am NOT sure if Windows will look good or not.....
I found the Dell 43", 2020 version $799 + $217 shipping. Total $1,016.91 ...

This one:

It's really a tough decision. + our custom clearance may issue me another %15 tax. Really not worth it.

I wish a seller is providing it in our country.

This LG 43UN700T-B on eBay:

~$400 + $140 shipping ... at least way less than that Dell. I'm still wanting that Dell.

What you think about it ?

I'm Trying to find a 43" seller that would provide me a free shipping ..

.... hmm there are deals on eBay but actually 43" are pretty expensive unless I would get one less than $600 + free shipping, it would be reasonable deal for me.
Here is a comparison between the new LG and Dell monitors on bhphotovideo.com

They have good deals but shipping with DHL is ~$217. It's a lot with the monitor price.

LG 43UN700-B 42.5" 16:9 4K HDR IPSDell UltraSharp 43 U4320Q 42.5" 16:9 4K IPS
Glossy with Anti-Reflective CoatingMatte

Which is better in regard of finish type ? Does the glossy of the LG means it's not that glossy or it's the known glossy that produce some reflections with light ?
OK, things are hitting the $1000 pill ... that's really not attractive to me.

I'm thinking now of a good TV.

This Sony is in our local store. It's 50Hz + it's out of stock !!!

I'm not even like the idea that it's 50Hz TV !


Resolution (MP): 3840 X 2160
Panel Type: 4K
HD type: 4K HDR
Motion Flow: 50Hz
Screen Size: 43"

Made in: Malaysia
Series Name: NA
Brand Name: Sony
Voice Assistant Built-in: Yes
Virtual Assistant Supported: Google Assistant
Smart Platform: ِAndroid
Refresh Rate: 50Hz
Sound System: Bass Reflex Speaker
Remote Control Type: yes
Product Type: LED TV
Response Time: 50Hz
Number of Digital Audio Optical Output: Yes (Rear)

I think I would keep searching for a good deal to the Dell.
You must be reading my mind!:D

I'd take the Dell as well! Can you stack coupons and wait for a discount? The holidays are known for having sales for Santa Claus!:santa::santa2:
How to stack coupons ? I live in Saudi Arabia.

And how much should I wait ? I'm not too hurry.

Also could a new monitor like the Dell go into a discount ?

Do you mean new year events ?
Thats so big so close... wow. You need to turn your head to see the whole screen! :)

I think over 30" is too big when its arm's length in front of you..43" wow!
I've read it is possible with the right setup.:)

I tell my kids - a mixed environment. Primary display and then use the HDTV for gaming.

Something like 27" ~ 32" for the primary monitor. That gives one the flexibility to put the HDTV anywhere one likes.
This is my main setup:


The distance is ~1.8m. I thought about a 32" monitor and it's available in a local store near to me and a nice price.

But I thought an upgrade from 27" to 32" isn't that much it's just 5" increase.
Then I thought 40" is the best size for me, and since 40" is pretty rare in the market right now.

So I though, ok then 43" would be my choice, and I like the new Dell monitor. Also I can increase the distance from the rig and couch from 1.8 to 2 meters.
Yep it's uploaded perfectly.

Yes, 43" is now my target, and the Dell is my interest now, but it's not available in my country.

I found it in UAE which is pretty close to Saudi Arabia, but the price is like purchasing it from USA !