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Want Tips on Overclocking My Celeron

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We need info about what kind of mobo you have. You dont just OC the CPU, but you OC the whole system. You may not be able to OC at all if you dont have a motherboard that allows for the neccessary adjustments to do so. Give us the info on the system that you have and we will surely try to help. What kind of mobo, ram, hard drive, processor, and heatsink and fan are in your system?
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Tuk:I though I put all that stuff in my signature!!! In asus Probe it show my processor temp 26C with stock heatsink I have also added 2x 2,1/2inch fan one in ,one out, keeps it pretty cool.My ram is PC133-1x 256MG & PC100-128Mg & 32Mg=416Mg of generic ram I guess it is called FOR the rest see below

Thanks ZoSo420g:beer:
you need a larger HDD, of course for more storage :) as for overclocking yer celeron, push the fsb to 112. if yer lucky, itll post. the celerons have a limit of about 1100MHz. tualatin is a different story

I beleive its the celeron coppermine it has the 128 L2 cache and 100Mhz system bus. So I guess Its not really worth overclocking it ,right. Well Thanks all for the info

:( ZoSo420G:(