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Want to install linux on my laptop...

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Gravity Man

Oct 4, 2001
Edina, MN
Okay, I got an old laptop as a birthday present today, and I'd like to install Linux on it. But there's a slight catch- I've only got a 486DX/4 75 MHz with 8 MB or RAM and 340 MB of hard drive space and no CD-ROM drive.

Please suggest a distro that will work on this system. I'd like it to be as full-featured as possibe, too. :)
Debian. No frills :)

Or have a look for the '4MB Laptop Howto', which explains how to get a minimal Linux distro running on a limited 386 laptop.

I just put Slackware on an old P133MMX w/ 32mb ram, and I have and old 486 just like your's that I am going to put Slack on.

Slackware or Debian, would be what I would recommend.
I would also recommend debain and just do an internet install with it :) As long as it has a floppy drive all you need is the setup floppies to do a net install.
I was thinking about that, but I'd need to buy a PCMCIA network card. Oh well, I might as well get one. By the time I got enough floppies, i'd probably be half way to a NIC.