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Wanting to buy new vid card - Which one?

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Sep 20, 2001
Wanting either a 8500 or GF3 or GF4. My main concerns are overclocking and pcb design. The card needs to overclock quite nicely and what card has the best ns ram? I will be watercooling the video card's gpu and ram. My waterblocks for the ram are designed to spread from one ram chip to the other, which means the card cannot have anything higher than the ram between them.

The default design of the 8500 does have something in the way so I can't get that, unless someone knows another manufacturer that changes this. The new 8500 pics I've seen show the 8500 using bga memory and seems to have a clear zone between the ram, anyone got information on this card that (might) go into production?

How about the geforce 3's? I've seen a few but it is unclear to me if they have a clear zone between the ram which I need. Either ti200 or ti500, doesn't matter, would like to hear about it all :)

Then there is the Geforce 4's, I've seen leadteks card, can't tell what is under the heatsink (which I'd have to rip off anyway). The asus card looks good, has the clear zone plus I've heard the card has 2ns memory which is the best I've heard of.

All input is welcome!
Are you using a water setup for a card already? Are you trying to get the old one to fit a new card? My advice is to find the card you really want and then design a water setup. My buddy and have been doing some designs with blocks and copper tubing. It hasnt been hard so far but we aren't done yet.