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Warez threads (INCLUDING COPIED OS's)

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Admin Parent
Jan 6, 2001
Stafford, Virginia USA
Overclockers.com does NOT have a grey area regarding this topic. Threads dealing with warez, crackz, and unauthorized copies of operating systems will be deleted on sight. (Linux and other GPL software and freeware are not in this category, but WindowsXP, for example, IS.) This is becoming a problem issue for us again and it is time to re-state our policy on this, which ALL of you agreed to upon becoming a member here.

The policy:

Warez, Crackz, and Copyrighted material

This is to clarify the position of this site regarding Warez information and warez sites, Crackz and information about crackz, and the posting and downloading of copyrighted material.

Overclockers prohibits the promotion of, and reference to, any program or website which contains or distributes Warez, Crackz, and pirated copyrighted material, including but not limited to music and video.

Discussion of Warez, crackz, and pirated copyrighted material is not permitted in this forum. Any offer to provide or request to receive warez, crackz, and bootleg material will be deleted without notice and the offender will be warned. A repeat offense is grounds for permanent dismissal, without recourse, from these forums.

This is a serious issue for this Forum. Allowing discussion of and, by extension condoning the distribution of, said information jeopardizes the very existence of this Forum. As such, it will not be tolerated. For the long-term future of this site, please abide by this rule.


Overclockers.com Forum Management Team

All offenses will be dealt with harshly. For those who should know better, expect a warning and possibly a 3-day suspension. Repeat offenses will get you banned from posting permanently.

Understood sir:)
I buy all my software(or use linux), programmers need to get credit and payed for their work. umm, i have no opinion on MP3's except that the record companies should burn:mad:

u should make this a sticky if it isnt already, but you shouldn't have to, its in the rules. But we know how much everyone loves reads those right?;)

And if any of you come across anything that looks remotely like warez.....PLEASE PM a mod.