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warm water

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Apr 23, 2001
i knoticed when i tested my water kit i ran it for 4 hrs on my desk not connected to computer and the water got a little warm, prolly prom the pump, its a maxijet 1200, is this normal and ok????
Ten hours of running a Danner 700 inline while testing for leaks raised my water temps 10C. I think what you are experiencing is normal.
this is why you want your rad in front of the cpu in the line order, so the coolest water gets your cpu. Adding a resevoir will also help lower the temps.
I had the same experience when testing, particularly in a short loop without the radiator.
i let my magdrive 500 run for whole day and it did warm up a bit the water in the reservior too!! but not as much as ur all did. i had check the pump and it rate at 40W!! so maybe it did dissipate a lot of heat into the water!! i run the water to the pump then water block and last to the radiator back to reservior. is that right???
The order depends on what componants are in your system. With the Swiftech mcw462 and Dangerden Maze 2 blocks I have the out of the pump feeding the block. The reason is that these blocks have the inlet directly over the core and you get a good strong jet pounding on top of the cpu this seems to cool best. I do this with an inline setup, no reservior. The pump dissipates most of the it's heat into the air not the water.

In testing overnight before installing I did notice the water would heat up a little but this is after how many hundres of passes through the pump? 1 pass through adds only a tiny fraction of a degree to the water.