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Warning: NVIDIA GeForce 375.86 WHQL Drivers Have Issues

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I should also give out a price warning. The cheapest 1080 is around 700 USD in my country, seriously... seems like the GPU market is becoming way more expensive in future (while most other hardware is dropping or stable at least), taking into account that a 1080 TI is on its way at a price tag of probably beyond the 800 USD range. I´m not used to this sort of prices, so i surely will not switch out GPUs frequently (but no need anyway) and multi GPU is truly... for the very wealthy i do believe. Guess a 1080 TI Matrix could finally hit the 1000 USD price range (a 980 TI Matrix was in comparison in the 850+ USD range), i would not be surprised anymore. So, indeed, prices are being boosted...

Regarding drivers: Since Nvidia is forcing users of Geforce Experience to log into a account, i do not use it anymore and so i have to install all drivers manually. So this means, i´m ... luckily, not very vulnerable to unknown driver issues. My driver is even outdated yet and i could care less.

Clearly i don´t enjoy the general philosophy but there is at the current time no other choice, it´s pretty much a monopoly-situation, take it or leave it.
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368.69 here, best overall scores/temps for my 980ti since 362.00 :clap:
still on 372.54 here , they've been pretty good (but not perfect :p )